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Dr. Mollie James is on 93.3 Real Talk Radio!

Tune into The James Clinic’s very own Dr. Mollie James on her new radio show, “Dr Mollie’s Truth in Medicine”, every Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Real Talk Radio Network, 93.3 FM, 104.3 FM & 107.3 FM!

This informative, educational show hosted by Dr. James features guest interviews, listener calls, real time interaction on the App, and covers topics related to:

  • politics and medicine
  • medical tips
  • patient rights
  • current events in medicine

and more!

“Doctors like me have been on the front lines trying to get honest information out to patients. We are currently battling heavy censorship, which is often funded by big pharma,” says Dr. James. “Joining the Real Talk Radio Network, who is committed to speaking the truth, is a wonderful opportunity to expand our message.”

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Dr. Mollie James

Board certified in general surgery and critical care medicine, Dr. Mollie James realized quite early into her career that she needed more tools to help her patients than what traditional medicine provided.

Combining functional medicine with her existing skill set, she soon had patients saying they felt the best they ever had!

Her goal in opening The James Clinic is to provide convenient, accessible care and a direct physician-patient relationship devoid of conflicts of interest.

Through her work and media outreach, Dr. Mollie James continuously advocates for medical freedom—a patient’s right to choose and a physician’s right to practice medicine unencumbered.

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