Chickens & Hope

James Clinic chicken coup

Hope: the anticipation of something yet to come.  

3 years ago I started a Pinterest board for Chickens. I kept the page private because I didn’t want any feedback or judgment. I just wanted to allow my heart to dream. 

The board was chalked full with types of coops, breeds that don’t mind being loved to death, how to understand chicken behavior, safe scraps, the science of egg laying, routines for caring for them, etc. I envisioned how my children and I would let them free range through the garden while we planted flowers and played around them, we’d built dust bath tires, and make frozen corn cupcakes…the works!  

Well, friends, it finally happened!!! And, although our relatively short time together has entailed nothing short of chaos (a dog that can’t help himself in gently clamping down on their butts and not letting go, a hen that likes to play chicken with a lawnmower, pecking orders, a flood that soaked all of their food and bedding),  I think they are beginning to trust me and I am beginning to understand them.  

I have been preparing, waiting, trusting for a season…and even though it felt a little silly to plan for something so far down the path or maybe even at all, it was the anticipation of something yet to come that I carried with me.  

It got me thinking: that board from 3 years ago, that is now a coop filled with crazy ladies and chaos, is a whole lot like hope.  

Even when “it” (whatever that may be) seems far away, even unreachable, build the board, speak the words, acknowledge the feeling, because I believe hope is a choice all of us are given, and it might be the one thing we all cannot afford to lose.  

John Maxwell says, “Where there is no hope in the future, there is no power in the present”.  

What are you hoping for?  


  • Choose Hope 
  • Change your thinking  
  • Find small victories  

Stay Curious,