The James Clinic Difference

Everyone in our office has extensive experience taking care of patients going thru COVID—from outpatient to the sickest ICU patients. We have empathy for patients and families who are stressed and scared, and we replace that fear with knowledge. We consider all treatment options available when designing your personal recommendations and treatment plan.

I want to prevent COVID-19

What’s Included:

Consult with one of our experienced clinical team

Review options for preparation and minimizing risk of contracting COVID-19

Personalized medical and vitamin recommendations

Up to 6 months of refills as appropriate

I am sick with COVID-19

What’s Included:

Urgent consult with one of our experienced clinical team

Up to 14 days of regular follow up and treatment adjustment

Personalized medical and vitamin recommendations

Access to enhanced therapeutics

Text access for follow up questions

I am sick with COVID-19 and it’s hard to breathe

What’s Included:

Arrange home oxygen

At-home support

Medications adjusted frequently

Transitioning from hospital to home

14 days of support from critical care RN

$290 weekly thereafter

I have Long-haul COVID Symptoms

What’s Included:

6 month program

Team devoted to following your progress

Objective measures to track outcomes

Advanced diagnostics

Weekly support group

Individualized treatment with supplements &
     prescription medications

I need family education and support while in the hospital 

What’s Included:

Review medical chart (family must provide)

Offer treatment suggestions

Provide family support

Discuss options for in-home care

In-office consultations are available.

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