Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my insurance?

The James Clinic is not contracted with medical insurance plans for in-clinic services. That is because we are committed to having a profound doctor-patient relationship, and a third-party payer creates a conflict of interest.

Are medications and labs/tests extra?

The fees on our website are specific to the clinical service and do not include medications or testing. We are transparent about medication and testing costs and encourage patients to reach out if the medication seems unreasonably priced.

How long will consults be?

Initial consults can range from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on whom you see and what is discussed. We’ll give you an idea of how much time to allow when you schedule an appointment.

We encourage you to add an IV vitamin infusion or hyperbaric oxygen treatment for in-person appointments.

Do I need to join The James Clinic?

We see much better results over time with an ongoing doctor-patient relationship. An initial consult allows you to determine if our clinic is a good fit for you. If so, you’ll join an ongoing concierge plan to enjoy high-quality, individualized care where everybody knows your name.

What will I get as a member of The James Clinic?

You’ll have an experienced team led by Dr. Mollie James, a physician who is board certified in general surgery and critical care medicine. She has 20 years of experience in practicing both. Dr. James is also certified in functional medicine and has nearly ten years of experience in finding and treating the root cause of problems for patients.

Meet your goals, have transparent costs and expectations, and see your progress with any plan you choose! Additionally, you’ll have access to:

  • High-quality medical-grade supplements.
  • Personalized recommendations, so you wisely spend money on the things you need.
  • Recommendations on resources from books to podcasts.
  • Medical professionals who advocate for you.
  • Licensed professionals that can prescribe medications to give you the best treatment options.
  • The freedom to choose the best course of action for your care. Even if you do not follow our recommendations, that is ok, and we will continue to provide you with high-quality care.

What is the difference between a visit with Dr. Mollie James and a nurse practitioner?

Dr. James has built an amazing team of doctors and nurse practitioners that you can trust. All nurse practitioners have extensive clinical experience and training with Dr. James.

Before your appointment, we will usually review your lab work as a team, so we are all familiar with your situation and can adequately discuss treatment options. That way, you’ll receive the same care no matter whom you see.

For more complicated cases, we will usually meet as a team and discuss lab work more in-depth. In some cases, we recommend seeing Dr. James first and then following up with one of our nurse practitioners.

Can I see Dr. Mollie James for a consult and then see a nurse practitioner?

Our team works closely together. Depending on availability and your needs, you may see a nurse practitioner or Dr. James.

Can I be seen virtually, or do I have to come to a clinic?

We love to meet our patients face-to-face and virtually too! Meeting virtually may work best if you need a convenient option.

If my state is not listed on your website, is there a way I can still be seen? I’d really like Dr. Mollie James to be my doctor!

Absolutely! If your state isn’t currently highlighted, call to discuss how you may be seen by a member of our team.

Several patients have traveled out of state for their initial consult and had virtual follow-up appointments.

Can the James Clinic serve as our primary care physician?

We offer this service only to patients in our concierge plan. As long as you are active with our clinic as a concierge patient, you may list us as your PCP. If you are not under our concierge plan, you will need to select an alternate clinic to list as your PCP.

Do I have to buy my supplements from the James Clinic?

We spend a lot of time vetting companies, learning about high-quality nutraceuticals at the best price. We always recommend you buy medical-grade supplements, and appreciate when you purchase them through the James Clinic (especially during the first few months of treatment, when we are helping treat your symptoms and know how patients typically respond to our therapies). Using substandard products can delay clinical improvement, adding time and cost to your care.