House Calls

House Calls

In-Home Visits

Think back to when physician house calls were the norm. If you have mobility limitations, are elderly, or otherwise have difficulties receiving care in a medical office, this service will be ideal. That’s why The James Clinic offers three types of in-home visits.

IV vitamin infusions$350
Nurse visits for IV fluids, medications, and an evaluation, with a telemedicine option available$490
Doctor visits for when you need an experienced physician$990
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What to Expect for an In-Home Visit from The James Clinic

Have an IV Infusion

Do you want an IV infusion in the comfort of your own home or office? We can accommodate that. Plan 45 to 60 minutes for our nurse to come in, do a brief assessment, and get your IV infusion going. Add-ons are available.

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See a Nurse

Are you sick and need someone to check on you? If you’re debating on going to the ER but aren’t sure if it is necessary, a house call is the best way to be seen and avoid the busy emergency room.

Our nurse will come to see you, check your vitals, and start an IV to give you fluids. They’ll also have a telemedicine visit with a doctor or nurse practitioner from the clinic to evaluate and prescribe any necessary medications.

See a Doctor*

Do you want the doctor to come to see you? Sometimes what you really need when you feel bad is help from a knowledgeable physician. This in-home visit includes up to two hours of care at home with IV infusions, IV vitamin infusions, and medications. The doctor will also create a plan to support full recovery and follow-up within 24 hours to make sure you are feeling better.

*Only available to established clinic patients.

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