How To Properly Store Your Vitamins

Store Vitamins

As of 2019, according to a CRN USA consumer survey, 77% of Americans reported consuming dietary supplements. With that many people taking vitamins and supplements, it’s essential that they know how to store them properly.

Improper storage can negatively impact the integrity of the vitamins, meaning your vitamins may not work as intended. In the end, you’ll be wasting your money on vitamins and supplements that aren’t working the way they’re supposed to, and you won’t reap the health benefits you’re seeking from your vitamin regimen.

Read on to learn how you can properly store your vitamins.

1. The Bathroom

Why wouldn’t you keep your vitamins in your bathroom? You go there periodically throughout the day, and many have medicine cabinets. On the surface, it seems like a convenient place to keep your vitamins, but just because it’s convenient for you doesn’t mean it’s perfect for your vitamins.

You should store most vitamins and supplements in a cool, dry place. Your bathroom is anything but that. You regularly expose your vitamins to heat and humidity by keeping them in the bathroom.

2. The Refrigerator

Some people must take their vitamins with food, but sometimes it can be easy to forget when your mind is focused on food, not vitamins. So, wouldn’t it make sense to keep them plain in sight as you prepare your meal?

Storing your vitamins in the refrigerator may keep them cool, but your fridge is full of moisture, which will reduce a vitamin’s shelf life and efficacy.

3. Store Vitamins Where You Take Them

If you take vitamins first thing in the morning or before bed, keep the vitamin bottles in a basket or container on your nightstand. Having them out in the open will mean you’ll see and remember to take them.

Note: Keeping your vitamins out of sight, like in a drawer or cabinet, increases the risk of forgetting that you need to take them.

If you have to take vitamins with food, while it’s not wise to store them by the stove top or oven, you can find a spot by a breakfast nook or dining room. These spots are close enough that you’ll have easy access to your vitamins.

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