How to Get the Most Out of Your Medical Appointments

clinic receptionist and patient

It’s natural to feel anxious before a medical appointment, especially with so many things to consider. There’s making sure you have your insurance card, knowing where the building is and where to park, and making sure you arrive on time. Yet, these often overshadow the more important objective of getting the most out of medical appointments.

Health doesn’t happen in a medical office or hospital, so make sure your health concerns are addressed. Here are 6 things to consider to get the most out of your visit.

#1. Determine What You Want to Accomplish

Why did you make this appointment? Perhaps you need a diagnostic plan, need relief from symptoms, or are worried your symptoms could be linked to a specific disease. Write down your objectives and bring them with you.

#2. Know the Cost

It’s understandable not to want to think about cost, especially when you’re sick. Still, it’s important to be aware of your options, their associated costs, and your budget.

The James Clinic does not participate with any insurance companies for our medical or in-clinic services. If you would like to utilize your insurance for labs, we will work with you and provide those options. In that case, we would not have any responsibility for cost or payment–that would be between you, your insurance, and the lab company.

#3. Make a List of Questions

It can be easy to forget questions you have if just relying on memory alone, and feeling nervous can make this all the more challenging. Before your appointment, write a list of questions you have and bring them along.

Many times, patients will ask us a lot of questions. These are usually fairly simple for us to answer, and having answers to these questions gives our patients relief.

#4. Cover Your Health History

Give yourself time to think about any critical points in your health history.

  • Was there a time in which you felt good or terrible?
  • Did you suffer from any injuries?
  • Were there any frequent illnesses or hospitalizations?
  • Were there any bug bites, ticks, or exposures?
  • Did you travel outside of the US?

#5. Before You Leave

We recommend patients get copies of any and all medical records and keep them on file so you are in control of your own information. You never know who the owner of your medical information is with today’s ever-changing corporate medicine buyouts and mergers. By having these records, you can share them with any and all doctors who need them in the future.

It’s always best to schedule your follow-up appointment when checking out. We will consider the best timeline for your next visit–including any labs that you may be waiting to hear back on, any medication or supplements that may need to be adjusted, and your overall condition.

Our team devotes a significant amount of time preparing for your visit. We review to make sure any relevant labs have been received BEFORE you arrive, so you’re not waiting while we make calls and chase down results. We communicate any critical results to you upon receipt, with our recommendations and a full plan of action.

#6. Ask Follow-up Questions

It should be noted that most clinics do not communicate directly with patients on social media or messaging apps, and neither does ours.

If you have questions after your appointment at The James Clinic, you can call over the phone, text, or email. You can also message about non-urgent questions on our patient portal. The fastest communication method is through the main office phone number.

You’re Ready to See The James Clinic!

Getting the most out of your visits is an important component of understanding your issues completely. At The James Clinic, we make it easy for you to feel your best. Our experts will listen to your issues, determine your treatment plan, and support you along the way. To get started, request a consultation or join our clinic. We look forward to helping you get back to your best self!