Mold Toxicity

Unveiling the Invisible

Conquer Mold Toxicity
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Exposure to mold can result in the release of harmful chemicals known as mycotoxins. While the term “mold toxicity” gets thrown around easily today, diagnosing and treating it can be quite perplexing.

Here’s why:

  • Not everyone exposed to mold develops symptoms
  • Responses to exposure can vary drastically among individuals
  • Symptoms can range widely
  • Corporate medicine often overlooks mold toxicity

Sometimes, a person may test positive for mycotoxin exposure, but it may not be the primary cause of their symptoms. To unravel the mystery and understand the true impact, we focus on targeted testing and personalized treatment.

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Exposing the Hidden Threat

Strategic Battle Against
Mold Toxicity


We commence with a urine test to detect levels of the most common toxins found in people.

Treatment Approach

  • Identify the source: Often, patients with mold sensitivity can sense when they enter a high-risk building. Minimizing exposure by avoiding such areas is integral to recovery.
  • Focus on the gut: The gastrointestinal tract is a key elimination route for various toxins, including molds. So, gut health is a primary focus in our strategy.
  • Support Detoxification Pathways: The liver, our body’s filter, requires specific nutrients to safely process toxins. We ensure adequate nutrient levels to support this process.
  • Treat the sinuses: High mold exposure can result in colonization of the sinuses–another source of mycotoxins. Our therapy includes targeted treatments to address this.

Mold toxicity shouldn’t stay hidden. With The James Clinic, you can unveil the invisible, tackle the cause and reclaim your health.

Start your journey today. Consult with us and explore testing for mold toxicity at our specialized James Clinic locations.

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