IV Vitamin Therapy

In today’s world, where modern diets often fall short of providing adequate nutrition, over half the population suffers from nutrient deficiencies. The human body relies on vitamins and nutrients for countless processes, including energy production, toxin elimination, and pH balance maintenance. Unfortunately, even with a well-balanced diet, modern agricultural practices and gut health issues can hinder nutrient absorption.

IV vitamin infusions offer a powerful solution by delivering essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for immediate absorption and optimal utilization. This method ensures 100% nutrient delivery to your cells, providing almost immediate benefits. Our medical-grade, preservative-free formulations restore your body’s nutrient balance and enhance your overall well-being.


These tailored and high-quality treatments ensure you receive the full benefits of IV vitamins in the most effective and comfortable way possible.

  • Nourishment beyond supplements. IV Therapy nourishes your body in a way that food and supplements can’t. With over 68% of Americans taking dietary supplements and 78% believing they are essential for a healthy lifestyle, proper supplementation is crucial. However, supplements often have a low absorption rate, sometimes less than 20%. IV Therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, ensuring 100% absorption and immediate utilization by the body.
  • Accentuated beauty. Each part of the body benefits from different vitamins and nutrients. Hair, skin, and nails thrive on vitamins A, B, and C, along with antioxidants. Our specially formulated IV drips contain a blend of these essential components, improving appearance by detoxifying the body and rejuvenating the skin from within.
  • Increased energy and better sleep. IV therapy supports energy production and system balance, leading to increased energy levels and better sleep quality. Our natural IV vitamin therapies include key nutrients like B12 and B-Complex vitamins, which support the cardiovascular system, aid in converting food into energy, and help the body perform vital functions.
  • Optimal athletic performance. Workouts can be taxing on the body, causing dehydration and toxin buildup. Our drips promote faster healing, flush out toxins, and provide deep hydration to muscles and tissues, helping you recover quickly and achieve your athletic goals.
  • Toxin elimination. The liver requires sufficient nutrients to detoxify the body and combat daily environmental toxin exposure. Our infusions of antioxidants and vital nutrients help fight premature aging, immune issues, and other health problems caused by environmental toxins.


Just like all healthcare, IV vitamins are not one-size-fits-all approach. We make sure you receive the full benefits in the most effective and comfortable way possible.

  • Personalized IVs. Our IV treatments are tailored to your unique health experiences and goals, ensuring you receive the precise nutrients your body needs.

  • Balanced osmolarity. We carefully balance the osmolarity of our infusions to prevent any discomfort, such as burning sensations or dehydration, ensuring a comfortable and effective treatment experience.

  • High-quality ingredients. We use only medical-grade, preservative-free ingredients sourced from FDA-registered compounding pharmacies, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

  • Professional oversight. All IV Therapy treatments are meticulously formulated, administered, and monitored by Dr. Carchedi, ensuring you receive expert care and attention throughout your therapy. This professional oversight guarantees that your treatment is both safe and effective, providing you with optimal health benefits.

Symptoms IV Vitamins Helps

Adjunct cancer support / Asthma / Athletic performance recovery / Candida / Cardiovascular disease / Chronic fatigue syndrome / Common cold / COPD / Crohn’s disease / Depression / Diabetes / Epstein-Barr / Fibromyalgia / Heavy metal toxicity / Hepatitis / Hypertension / Increased stress / Influenza / Medication toxicities / Migraine / Neuropathy / Poor circulation / Poor detoxification / Post-gastric bypass / Pre/post surgery / Ulcerative colitis / Upper respiratory tract infections / Weakened immune system

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the answers to help you make informed decisions about your health journey.

IV vitamins delivers a concentrated dose of nutrients directly to your bloodstream, ensuring rapid absorption and immediate benefits. However, it may not completely replace the need for daily supplements. Depending on your specific health needs, you may still need to monitor your diet and supplement intake to ensure you receive all necessary nutrients. Always follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations for a balanced approach to your nutritional health.

Local hydration centers or med spas often use diluted ingredients in their IV formulations. At The James Clinic, we use only medical-grade, preservative-free ingredients sourced from high-quality, FDA-registered compounding pharmacies. Additionally, all IV Therapy treatments are formulated, administered, and monitored by Dr. James, ensuring the highest level of care and effectiveness.

No, you do not need to be part of our concierge program to receive an IV infusion. Our IV vitamin therapy is available to everyone, providing you with the essential nutrients you need without requiring membership in our concierge program.


A patient receiving IV vitamin therapy at our Missouri clinic.