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Mollie James


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Master of Public Health
Fellow, American College of Osteopathic Surgeons
Fellow, American College of Surgeons,
Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Physician

Let Doctors Be Doctors

Dr James is board certified in general surgery and critical care medicine. She trained at Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines and the University of Minnesota. After practicing for five years, she realized she needed additional tools to help her patients. Functional medicine was the answer. She combined functional medicine into her surgery practice for patients with GI issues presenting for endoscopy and it had immediate benefit to patients. By using interventions such as elimination diets and gut-healing protocols, patients would often say they felt the best they ever had.

She has been bringing functional medicine concepts into the ICU as well. One example is the important link between Vitamin D levels and COVID outcomes.

In 2016 she launched rebalance Functional Medicine in Des Moines, Iowa. They focused on gut health and hormone evaluation. Now she launches The James Clinic to best fulfill the unmet needs of patients, which became even more obvious during 2020. Convenient, accessible care and a direct physician-patient relationship without conflicts of interest is what most of us are looking for.

Dr. James has now become an activist for medical freedom, patients right to choose, and physicians right to practice medicine unencumbered.

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