COVID-19 & Vaccine Injury

Navigating the complexities of COVID-19 requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond conventional medical care. Our approach is integrative and patient-centered, emphasizing the interconnectedness of bodily systems to address the root causes of illness, rather than just alleviating symptoms. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a global challenge, resulting in immediate illnesses and lingering conditions. These complex conditions manifests with symptoms that persist well beyond the initial recovery period, impacting multiple systems within the body. While research is ongoing to better understand COVID, The James Clinic leverages its comprehensive understanding of bodily systems and their innate healing capabilities to support recovery from COVID-related health complications.

We specialize in treating a variety of COVID-related health issues through our expertise in regenerative and functional medicine. By examining genetic, environmental, lifestyle, and psychosocial factors, we craft personalized treatment plans that integrate nutrition, lifestyle modifications, targeted supplements, and stress management techniques. 

COVID-related health complications we support

For those who have contracted COVID-19, natural exposure to spike proteins is inevitable. With the novelty of vaccine technology, the long-term impacts of spike protein exposure are still being studied. Understandably, there are concerns about potential effects, especially with recent increases in cancer rates, autoimmune disorders, and sudden health events.

Certain natural substances can help manage the impact of spike proteins by aiding in their breakdown and reducing inflammation. These substances support overall well-being and promote spike protein detoxification. However, individual responses to these interventions may vary, and they should be considered as part of a comprehensive approach to managing the effects of spike proteins, complementing other strategies to enhance your health and recovery. At The James Clinic, we offer a full treatment protocol to address these concerns effectively.

Our approach starts with detailed consultations to understand the symptoms experienced after vaccination. We tailor treatments to each individual’s reactions and health condition, focusing on inflammation reduction, immune support, and symptom alleviation. Our treatments aim to efficiently manage and alleviate adverse effects, facilitating safe and effective recovery. Utilizing natural healing processes, our methods include spike protein detoxification, controlling inflammation, and regenerative therapy, all tailored to the specific vaccine and patient symptoms.

Our 6-month program for long-haul COVID patients includes advanced diagnostics and personalized treatments to address persistent symptoms and enhance overall health. This holistic approach is led by Dr. James and includes a combination of regenerative IV protocols, including peptides, IV therapy, supplements, and spike protein detox, all aimed at fostering recovery and easing symptoms. We advise an anti-inflammatory diet that excludes seed oils such as canola, soybean, and vegetable oils, which can worsen inflammation. Incorporating specific herbs and supplements can target deficiencies and reduce symptoms, enhancing your recovery journey.

We provide detailed daily monitoring and adjust treatments as necessary for patients with active COVID-19, focusing on effective symptom management over a 7-day period.

We design a personalized prevention plan tailored to your specific health needs, aiming to reduce the risk of infection based on the latest health guidelines.

Need Ivermectin or an emergency kit?

For those recovering at home from COVID-19 or dealing with post-vaccine symptoms, James Clinic offers the Vital Care Box, a carefully curated package designed to support your recovery process. This kit includes essential items tailored to alleviate symptoms and boost your immune system during and after illness. It features a selection of wellness products, including prescription medications like Ivermectin, as part of our comprehensive therapeutic protocols.

Symptoms We Treat

Fever / Cough / Shortness of breath / Fatigue / Muscle or body aches / Headache / New loss of taste or smell / Sore throat / Congestion or runny nose / Nausea or vomiting / Diarrhea / Injection site reactions / Headache / Muscle pain / Chills / Joint pain / Swollen lymph nodes / Unknown symptoms after vaccine

Questions you may have

We customize our treatment plans based on the severity of the patient’s symptoms and their overall health condition. For mild outpatient cases, our focus might be on symptom management and monitoring at home, while more severe cases, such as those requiring ICU attention, receive intensive care protocols that include our regenerative treaments like ozone therapy, IV vitamins, and peptide therapy. We utilize the latest research and treatment modalities to ensure each patient receives the most effective and appropriate care for their specific situation.

Recognizing the challenges faced by patients with long-haul COVID symptoms, The James Clinic offers a dedicated 6-month recovery program. This program includes advanced diagnostic assessments to pinpoint lingering issues, followed by customized treatments that may involve medication, lifestyle changes, and therapeutic interventions designed to alleviate symptoms and enhance overall health recovery.

Our approach includes comprehensive consultations to assess the nature and severity of the symptoms following vaccination. We provide targeted treatments based on the individual’s specific reactions and overall health status, incorporating therapies that address inflammatory responses, immune system support, and symptom relief. Our goal is to manage and mitigate any adverse effects efficiently, ensuring our patients recover safely and effectively.