Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a medical therapy gaining popularity in the United States. While the technology dates back to the ozone generator Nikola Tesla designed in 1896, it was not until 2022 that the medical community noticed patients increasingly requesting ozone therapy.

What is Ozone Gas?

Water, table salt, and the oxygen we need to breathe are all examples of “molecules.” The oxygen molecule we breathe consists of two oxygen atoms, a chemical bond known as O2, while ozone consists of three oxygen atoms or O3.

To create an ozone molecule, an ozone generator splits O2 molecules into two individual oxygen atoms (free oxygen radicals), which attach to other O2 molecules in the air, creating O3.

Ozone is a stable gas used to sterilize surfaces but is used therapeutically for a different purpose.

What is Ozone Therapy?

  1. Antioxidant pool support, ensuring consistent protection against free radical damage.
  2. Recycling NADH increases vital NAD+, promoting critical energy production of the cells.

Clinical Applications of Ozone

Ozone therapy is a natural, effective, and safe alternative to treat, manage, and prevent a range of conditions, including:

· Acute Infections
· Chronic Infections
· Acute Inflammation
· Coronary Artery Disease
· Cancer
· Toxicities
· Wound Healing

Ozone can also be administered using subcutaneous injections, either as ozone therapy or prolozone therapy, a combination of ozone therapy and proliferation therapy.

How is Ozone Therapy Done?

There is a myriad of ways to deliver ozone therapy. The most common and efficient method of medical ozone treatments is through administration in the blood, called Major Autohemotherapy (MAH).

MAH is a method of collecting blood, injecting the ozone gas, then returning the blood to the patient.

Other Available Ozone Therapy Methods

  • Intestinal Insufflation
  • Ozone Capsules
  • Ozone Oils
  • Bladder Insufflation
  • Vaginal Insufflation
  • Limb Bagging
  • Dental Applications

How Can Ozone Help You?

A Natural Detoxifier

Ozone can bind with toxins because it has an extra negative ion charge, allowing it to chemically interact with toxins to neutralize and bind them into a format that the body can process and clear.

A Natural Antiviral, Antibiotic, Antifungal, and Antiparasitic

Bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses cannot survive when interacting with ozone.

Immune Support

Did you know the body creates its own microscopic ozone doses as part of normal immune function? Imagine taking our natural process, bottling it, increasing the dose, and infusing it back into our bodies. That is basically what this therapy does.

Modulating and Reducing Inflammation

By enhancing our antioxidant system, ozone addresses inflammation and the oxidative stress it can cause.

Resetting the Mitochondria

Ozone supports our body’s mitochondria (the energy in our cells) by recycling NADH to increase NAD+.

Improves Blood Cell Health Status

Ozone promotes improved overall cellular function, energy, and metabolism. If your cells work better, you feel better.

Ozone Therapy at the James Clinic

We don’t believe in blanket treatments at The James Clinic because no two patients are the same. When creating a patient’s treatment plan, it is just as important to focus on their personal history as their clinical diagnosis; no detail should be overlooked.

After a comprehensive clinical evaluation by our team, we will make personalized treatment recommendations, which may include ozone therapy.

If you’re interested in ozone therapy as part of your medical plan, please request a consult today!