IV Therapy vs. Oral Vitamins

When taking vitamins, think of it as investing in your health. When comparing oral and IV vitamins, the two have entirely different values. While taking oral vitamins is like investing $10 into your health bank account, taking IV vitamins is like investing $1,000.

Have we piqued your interest? Keep reading about the difference between oral and IV vitamins and how IV vitamin therapy may be the best choice for you!

How Do Oral Vitamins work?

After swallowing oral vitamins, they rely on absorption from the gut. Unfortunately, many people have gut issues or malabsorption. This means that despite taking large amounts of a vitamin, a patient can still have low levels.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

Unlike oral vitamins, IV therapy delivers vitamins directly to your veins. That means their effect on your health is almost instant, rather than dependent on how quickly and efficiently they can be absorbed through the gut.

At The James Clinic, the IV vitamins we use are all water-soluble, so if you get enough, your body will simply discard any extra vitamins by urinating them out.

Why Do We Need IV Therapy?

Almost everyone is depleted of essential vitamins, regardless of how many oral vitamins they take. Reasons for vitamin depletion include:

  • Foods don’t contain the same nutritional value they did years ago
  • Gut issues (absorption and/or inflammation)
  • Busy, stressful lives requiring more nutrients

Each vitamin has an RDA or a “recommended daily allowance.” This is only the amount necessary for the average person to avoid disease.  However, it does not reflect the amount needed to optimize bodily performance, deal with additional physical or mental stress, and feel great on an individual basis.

How Do We Work at The James Clinic?

At The James Clinic, we can check vitamin levels via micronutrient labs to know exactly what vitamins you need. This testing allows us to tailor your IV therapy specifically for your needs.

We can check levels of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, K, and E) and replace vitamin D levels through shots or orally. We also conduct follow-up labs to ensure that the serum level is between 50 and 80.

We can check labs and provide multiple labs, including the IV therapy service. There are limited options for insurance, but we do have direct pay labs that are quite reasonable for all the information you receive. (Include a link to the PDF provided by Mollie)

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