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Modern life’s pace can leave our bodies struggling to keep up.  Our root cause approach is personal, thorough, and seamlessly integrates into your life to improve health and longevity. Available online and in-person. For guidance on where to start, talk to our Patient Advisor.

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Traditional care models often focus on reactive treatments. We strive to understand you fully, smoothing out health fluctuations for minimal impact. By connecting all aspects of your care and managing its complexities, we enable you to focus on living your best life.

Feeling overlooked by the healthcare system? We prioritize accurate diagnostics to start effective treatments quickly, avoiding delays and frustration. You’ll have access to the most advanced diagnostic tools and leading lab companies.

Testing is a key part of our approach because standard labs can miss subtle but critical health issues. Our partnerships with advanced testing facilities provide deep insights into your health, guiding our personalized care plans—avoiding wasted time, frustration, and possibly your life.

Our team of top-tier providers is committed to achieving proven clinical outcomes, from enhancing energy levels to reversing diseases. By adopting a proactive approach, we focus on addressing the root causes of illnesses before they escalate. This involves integrating conventional, functional, and naturopathic medicine, ensuring a comprehensive and anticipatory approach to your healthcare. Our dedication to proactive strategies helps prevent potential health issues, promoting long-term wellness and vitality.

Are you frustrated with annual check-ups that barely scratch the surface of your health? Traditional care models often focus on treating symptoms reactively. Our functional medicine approach strives to understand your health comprehensively, smoothing out fluctuations for minimal impact. By integrating all aspects of your care and managing its complexities, we enable you to focus on living your best life.

Your care plan is meticulously tailored to your unique data and preferences, eschewing the one-size-fits-all approach. To us, you’re not just another medical file; your success is our success. We emphasize health over disease because we believe that truly focusing on health—not just treating disease—leads to optimal well-being. Our approach is to know our patients, not just their conditions. We tackle your health challenges and goals from multiple powerful angles. 

Our supportive approach simplifies your healthcare experience, allowing you to focus on regaining your health. We respect your autonomy as a patient and actively advocate for you throughout your entire health journey. Emphasizing one-on-one communication, we believe that no test can replace the value of careful, thoughtful interactions between you and your clinician, making certain that your needs are thoroughly understood and addressed.

We are your definitive one-stop health hub, surpassing conventional healthcare. Our clinic stocks practitioner-exclusive, medical-grade supplements from top brands, and offers comprehensive in-office treatments and take-home therapies. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver superior, science-backed care. With all these services available under one roof, we meet every aspect of your health needs with advanced solutions.

Rapid results

38 %

91% of our patients see improvements within the first three months of care and a reduction or elimination of symptoms within one year.

Functional testing

397 +

Over 500 health indicators are meticulously analyzed to accurately identify the root cause of your issues for lifelong health.

Invested in you

58 %

97% are so satisfied with their care that they would recommend our services to their family and friends—the best compliment.

Ways we treat

We focus on patients, not just their conditions. Each treatment is selected to tackle your health challenges and goals from several powerful angles.

A patient talks to their doctor, describing their symptoms, while their doctor takes notes.

High-touch healing path to lifelong health

Understand how your body functions on multiple levels. Before turning to medications or surgery, find out what your body truly needs right now. Here’s how you can get started with us.

Begin by completing the Request Appointment form on our website. Once we receive your submission, our team will contact you within 24-48 business hours.

During this initial call, we will answer your questions and guide you toward the service or treatment that best fits your needs.

If you decide to start with our functional medicine services, you’ll start with the intial series comprising of 4 sepearted appointments.

The first appointment is a one-hour session with an RN care manager is dedicated to a detailed review of your medical history, intake forms, lifestyle, and other crucial details, providing a holistic view of your health.

At the second appointment, you will meet with your assigned clinician who has received the detailed health data from your initial session with the RN care manager. Based on this information, your clinician may recommend specialized functional testing or begin treatment with one of our tailored services.
Testing is central to our strategy. Standard labs may overlook subtle health patterns or underlying issues, but our advanced testing partners provide detailed insights into your health. These insights are crucial for developing a personalized approach that truly addresses your specific needs.

Once your lab results are ready, we’ll meet for the third time to thoroughly review these findings. This session is focused on developing a personalized treatment plan that targets the root causes of your health concerns.

Our approach is customized to you, blending conventional medical recommendations with alternative remedies and cutting-edge, research-based treatments to enhance your health and prevent disease.

This plan will include tailored recommendations for nutrition, sleep, fitness, lifestyle, supplements, and medications. We also employ practices of translational medicine to swiftly integrate new discoveries and methods into your care.

Additional testing will be ordered if necessary to further refine your treatment strategy.

The last appointment in this initial series will evaluate any further tests performed, assess your progress, and outline the subsequent steps. Based on your specific health goals and outcomes, you may consider enrolling in our Concierge program.

This program provides continuous support from your clinician and RN care manager, frequent updates to your treatment plan, and ongoing monitoring of your health milestones.

Join our Concierge program for direct, personalized communication with your physician—essential for effective, long-term health management. No test can match the value of this ongoing dialogue.

Results driven, patient-centered team

Dr. Mollie James has carefully selected a team of results-driven experts dedicated to delivering comprehensive, personalized healthcare. By blending traditional, functional, and naturopathic treatments with our white-glove concierge service, we achieve superior patient outcomes.

Dr. James established The James Clinic after six years as an acute care surgeon and ICU doctor, transitioning her focus to integrative medicine. While patients may see other clinicians, Dr. James personally directs the creation of all medical care plans.

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Reduction in inflammatory numbers


Patients at risk for cardiovascular disease and chronic inflammation saw a 73% reduction in C-Reactive Protein (CRP).

Survival in critically ill patients


99.5% of critically ill patients have survived by working together with our guidance and effective treatment approaches

Improvement in metabolic health


Patients at risk for metabolic syndrome saw a 49% improvement of Hemoglobin A1C (HgA1C) and fasting glucose.