Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here are testimonials from satisfied James Clinic Patients.

I lost a year of my life to sleepless nights and painful skin to the touch. Even clothing was painful. Itching was so deep and intense I wanted to rip my skin off my bones. Embarrassing bruising and skin lesions covered my body. I was exhausted, in pain and my quality of life had greatly declined. I felt hopeless.

Reluctantly, I took the vaccine, and then the booster. The immediate consequences that followed the booster sent me on a painful, hopeless journey of suffering. I was searching for answers in a medical system that refused to acknowledge a vaccine injury. Countless visits to specialists, ER, urgent care resulted in no solutions. This is when a friend referred me to Dr. Mollie James. Within 48 hours of treatment I slept through the night for the first time in a year. It has been approximately three weeks now in the care of Dr. James and my itching and painful skin has completely turned around and I am healing. My quality of life has returned and that’s priceless. I highly recommend Dr. Mollie James.


I had seen Dr Mollie James on a podcast. This was back when there were many more unknowns. About a month later I got covid. I wasn’t deadly sick but I need medicine that wasn’t readily available at that time. People were not being treated for early symptoms, which is what I needed. I got in touch with her team and received the best care I’ve ever had, for anything, Ever! The nurse video chatted with me every single night, she was kind caring and empathetic. They made sure I got the medicine I needed right away so I could get back to my kids, to my life without waiting until I was deathly sick to receive care. They followed up with me after my initial care appointments and genuinely cared to see that I was better. They work with you on your schedule. I only wish I could see them for all my ailments! Thank you all so much for offering kind words, professional care, and honest good medicine when the world needed it most. I wish there were more doctors and care professionals out there like you and your team.


Amazing overall experience. Welcoming, very patient, and thorough. Quickly helped me recover from COVID. Also provided me tools for prevention. I have also utilized this clinic for routine blood work and gut concerns. Highly recommend.