Are you trapped in either/or mentality

The James Clinic woman outdoor meditation hands

Are you an either-or person?

Without a doubt, there is more than one dimension in which we live. I have been advised that the depths and complexity of the world we cannot see is beyond human comprehension. Is the way you are thinking limiting you?

I have recently had the opportunity to learn about flying. Airplanes have always fascinated me, and to learn about structural considerations, cross winds, landing policies and procedures has been beyond interesting. It’s a field with a constant quality-improvement cycle, checklists of checklists, and a stellar safety record. I firmly believe in the science behind the quality delivered.

I also was exposed to a beautiful visual while listening to the Medical Medium. He explained that certain angels are assigned to airports and fly alongside the planes to make sure take-off and landing are smooth. It’s a visual I had never even considered, despite a strong sense of spiritual and belief in angels among us.

Now, some may draw more strongly to one scenario than the other, but why can we not embrace both? Accepting that it’s either one explanation or the other is just so limiting.

As a healer working in a hospital, my colleagues and I have countless stories that echo this sentiment. I have spent years learning how drugs interact with receptors in the body and how to manipulate human physiology to support the body during critical illness. We know the precise pharmacokinetics of a drug, and can figure out which antibiotics can best treat which infections.

We had a case recently in which a man with ARDS (Adult respiratory distress syndrome) from Influenza and a septic cardiomyopathy was placed on ECMO (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation, the heart-lung machine); and three weeks later is sitting up and eating breakfast. We attribute this to the science and technology available.

But there are (commonly) patients who defy science. Miracles happen every day. The lady on three pressors for a week with septic shock just finally turns the corner, the 18 year old kid with a severe head injury and multiple code blues wakes up three hours before he was to donate his organs to a family member, only to walk into the doors of our ICU a month later.

We have healers among us with intuition. One of my mentors called it your “spidey senses” going off. We just know when something isn’t right, and that is enough to drive our actions.

Reconciling these two visions of the world can be challenging at times. While we must follow our gut, acting on our intuition is often met with raised eyes and questions. Many healers pray for their patients, often in the silence of our own minds, so as not to draw criticism. Now that I am a Reiki practitioner, I quietly send positive energy to people and situations to alleviate conflict and smooth things out.

I am currently working on eliminating ‘either or’ mentality and fusing the two for life in general. It’s been a process, nearly a year in the works. It required an acceptance that karma sometimes creates interesting situations. It’s balancing the drive to work hard and achieve with the power of positive thinking. Going against the belief that ‘hard work’ is the only key to success and acknowledging that the law of attraction, joy and happiness can attract much more than working 100 hours a week.

Keep this in the back of your mind. Where might you have an ‘either-or’ belief that could be released and open yourself to a new consciousness?