Breakthru & Lose Weight with the James Clinic

The James Clinic can help you Breakthru and lose weight that stays off.

Did you know you have been bombarded with bad information regarding healthy living, diet, exercise, and weight loss for almost your entire life?

Here’s a list of faulty dieting myths:

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Eat less, exercise more.
  • Eat several small meals a day.
  • Exercise is the key to losing weight.
  • Fat is bad.
  • Low fat is the key to weight loss.
  • Snacking will curb your hunger.
  • Sugar is good.

Each of these myths drives inflammation and insulin, making you feel hungry while telling your body to STORE FAT.

No wonder nothing has worked . . . until now.

The James Clinic’s Approach to Weight Loss

Our approach combines the most effective strategies into one, giving you the roadmap to hit your goal weight for good and enjoy a lifestyle that will keep you fit and feeling your best, and unlocking other amazing benefits from within yourself!

You’ll definitely want the support and guidance of our team, but until then, you can get started on your own today!

How to Start Making a Change

Anytime you want to make a change, start by tracking your baseline. Once we track, then we can truly begin to change.

1. Drink more water.

Unless you have a serious cardiac issue, most people should drink ¾-1 gallon of water daily. 

Start by: Track how much water you drink on an average day.

Next: Look at pitfalls or times you drink less and make a plan for those days specifically.

Now: Start drinking more water every day. You may need to work your goal up to the recommended amount of water. Keep in mind that only water counts. Other beverages are void on your hydration status.

2. Cut the processed foods. 

Get rid of everything in your kitchen, fridge, and pantry that comes in a box.

Start by: Setting yourself up for success by removing highly processed foods—these will hijack your hunger and mess up your metabolism.

Next: Plan your grocery list with real foods that will promote weight loss that are readily available.

Now:  Get shopping.

3. Cut the sugar.

Sugar triggers insulin, our body’s hormone that says “STORE FAT.” 

Start by: Some people can notice side effects in the first 2 – 3 days while detoxing from sugar. It will pass. Drinking water and eating non-sugar foods will help speed up the process.

After the first few days, these sabotaging cravings will be gone for good! (not everyone has them, by the way!)

Next: High fructose corn syrup is an incredibly damaging variant of sugar.  Make sure this toxic chemical is nowhere near your food.

Now: Enjoy how you feel without being on the insulin roller coaster.

4. Incorporate fasting.

NOT eating is the best way to let our bodies rest and recover.

Start by: Learning about fasting first is one of the most helpful things you can do because it will be the easiest change to incorporate once you are off the insulin roller coaster.

Next: Gradually build “feeding” windows and “fasting” windows. Maybe 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. is when you eat, and 8:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. is when you fast.

Gradually extend those fasting windows at unpredictable intervals to make your metabolism more flexible.

Now: Eliminate snacking.

5. Drop hard workouts.

Start by: Check in with yourself to evaluate if you are stressed out.  If you are and push yourself to do heavy workouts, you may be adding to the stress/cortisol response of the body, making your insulin (“STORE FAT”) signal worse.

Next: Incorporate walking, stretching, and heavy weights or movements you enjoy.

Now: Pause that gym membership and explore new things you love to do.

6. Get enough sleep.

Start by: Evaluate how much you sleep and what your usual sleep pattern looks like.

Next: If you are tired or not sleeping enough (or not good quality sleep), take steps to achieve a better night’s sleep.

Now: Shut off devices earlier and try to be asleep one hour earlier than what is normal for you within a week span and see how you feel.

The James Clinic Breakthru Program

So, how does joining The James Clinic Breakthru program help you?

You have everything you need to get to your ideal body weight. But our minds sabotage our potential with up to 80% of negative internal talk!

Plus, some people develop restrictive medical symptoms.

Our treatments and guidance can ensure that your efforts go as far and as quickly as possible.

1. Baseline Labs

Patients receive baseline assessments and measurements, helping our team diagnose things like fatty liver, severe insulin resistance, or thyroid dysfunction.

We can offer additional treatments in these areas so you feel better faster.

2. Metabolic Syndrome

Extremely high insulin, blood sugar, and cholesterol can contribute to fatigue. Treating these will reduce your risk for adverse long-term effects as you work on making lifestyle changes.

Most of our treatments improve insulin, blood sugar, and cholesterol problems are short-term, so your weight loss journey never stalls.

3. Hormonal Triggers

There is a significant hormonal aspect of weight gain and loss.

Most people interested in losing weight have heard of the new weekly injectables that help with weight loss. They work because they address the hormonal triggers of weight gain and reduce food cravings.

4. Clinical Support

We support you along the way, track your progress, and modify your plan as your weight loss progresses and your bodily needs change.

The James Clinic

Weight loss can be complicated and frustrating or a freeing experience that transforms you and your life for the better.

Through the James Clinic Breakthru Weight Loss Program, you will have professional guidance and support from our passionate medical team that works with you and your needs so you can succeed in your weight loss journey.

We are ready to help you Breakthru. Just request a consult, and we will see you soon!