Gateway to Freedom Event Recap

Gateway to Freedom

Gateway to Freedom was a whole new kind of freedom conference.

The James Clinic’s Founder, Dr. Mollie James, connected some of the brightest freedom activists from the fields of medicine, the military, law, aviation, media, and much more.

The Gateway to Medical Freedom is the premier (medical) freedom conference of the summer in the Midwest. Throughout this three-day event, attendees got informed, inspired, and built confidence surrounding the topic of COVID-19. Overall, the conference covered:

  • The impact of poor public health policy
  • Data from life insurance companies and the Society of Actuarialists that confirmed an “unexplained” spike in mortality for adults 19 to 49 years old
  • Vaccine injury; recognizing the victims
  • Early treatment
  • The impact of COVID censorship on military and community leaders
  • Myocarditis and the risk/benefit analysis of the vaccines

Ultimately, attendees left having accessed actionable, tangible strategies to take and impact their community, effectively renewing their sense of purpose, strengthening their resolve, and conjuring a network of support.

Tip of the Spear

On Thursday, August 25th, the conference featured physician leaders actively speaking out and those who would like to join that effort. Throughout the day, those who attended focused on professional development, networking, strategy, business, and emerging threats.

Real Medicine

On Friday, August 26th, the conference was opened up to all medical professionals and the public and focused on medical issues related to COVID, including:

  • Long haul COVID
  • Vaccine injury
  • Data analysis
  • International experiences
  • Emerging threats
  • Other related topics

Build Our Village

On Saturday, August 27th, attendees heard our military servicemen and women, legal experts, legislators, educators, and media personalities speak out. We heard various journeys and their issues (each with a call to action) to help build our village or connect with people aligned with our beliefs.

Some Speakers at Gateway to Freedom

Featured speakers included renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough reviewing the most recent data on the covid vaccine rollout, and mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone, giving some context as to why the pandemic was so heavily mismanaged.

A Parent’s Summit was held by leading pediatricians, including local concierge doctor Joe Cangas, MD.  Speakers included pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald discussing the mental health issues arising from the lockdowns, Dr. Monica Wehby, who did a quintessential review of the data on masks (they don’t work to contain viral illnesses), and co-hosts Angie Farella, MD from Houston and Renata Moon, MD from Oregon reviewing the implications of the current crisis and how to move forward.

We also had several media personalities moderating the sessions, including podcasters Mike Farris of Coffee and a Mike, Matt Nespoli of the Dad Presents, Carl Lenore from Superhuman Radio, Trent Loos of Loos Tales and Trent on the Loos, Tamara Scott, head of the Iowa RNC and host of the Tamara Scott Show, and Dr. Gina Loudin, of “Dr. Gina Primetime” on Real America’s Voice network.

Videos will be available on the James Clinic Rumble channel in case you missed the live event.

The Takeaway

Overall, attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Converse and inquire about COVID data, early prevention, and what’s to come
  • Understand the impact on our military
  • Find their voice to advocate for themselves and their loved ones with confidence and efficacy
  • Build a network of informed, collaborative, and brave members
  • Become re-ignited to the reasons we fight for our rights; together, not apart

The James Clinic

As a major sponsor of this event, we hope that all attendees left it feeling educated, confident, and prepared for the future of COVID-19.

At The James Clinic, we help those who have been let down by conventional medicine. We believe in finding the root cause of your ailment(s), not covering up your symptoms with endless medications. Your health and freedom to find adequate healthcare should be your right, yet significant forces censor those who only seek to share the truth and help those in need.

If you or someone you know is looking for reliable healthcare to help you get and stay healthy, then contact The James Clinic and request a consult.